The South Carolina Carpet Recovery Coalition is a cooperative effort between the South Carolina Department of Commerce, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, businesses, local governments, colleges and universities to increase the recovery of post-consumer carpet and carpet padding. The coalition's goal is to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of carpet recycling.

As a carpet recycling leader in the southeast, South Carolina has a diverse network of companies with several hundred million pounds of recycling capacity. These businesses include collectors, processors and end users. As an emerging recycling market, South Carolina's carpet recycling infrastructure features a number of companies in the carpet recycling and recovery chain:

  • Carpet collection companies
  • Processors that process carpet for new applications
  • Local government collection sites for post-consumer carpet
  • Companies that can produce a post-consumer recycled resin
  • Companies that can use carpet as a fuel to create energy
  • Manufacturer of erosion control products from 100% recycled content paper

Business and residential carpet waste can be recycled. Since South Carolina features several carpet manufacturers in the state and is in close proximity to the carpet manufacturing hub of Dalton, Georgia, there is growth potential for the carpet recovery industry in South Carolina.

Did you know carpet face fiber can be converted into recycled fiber to make new products? Examples of these products include carpet, carpet padding, erosion control products and construction material. The material can also be converted into plastic pellets to make components for the automotive, home and garden industries.

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