Sonoco invests in European mills


Sonoco-Alcore S.a.r.l., a Brussels-based subsidiary of Sonoco, is investing in three of its European uncoated recycled paperboard mills to improve their energy efficiency, product range and environmental performance.

The company’s mill in Cirie, Italy, will get energy-from-biogas improvements to its effluent treatment system, said Dino Kiriakopoulos, director of Sonoco-Alcore’s European operations.

“Our investment in Cirie continues our 2010 capital investment efforts, which are focused on lowering energy costs and continuing to be good stewards of the environment,” Kiriakopoulos said.

Kiriakopoulos said Sonoco-Alcore also will be making additional investments at its Kilkis, Greece, and Nordhorn, Germany, mills this summer.

“At Kilkis, we will be installing a new high-efficiency boiler, heat recovery system and drive upgrades that will significantly lower energy costs and provide some capacity expansion. At Nordhorn, we are upgrading our refining and press sections to further reduce the steam and electricity consumption for each ton of the high-quality specialty board produced there.”

The projects are scheduled be completed during downtime this month and next.

Sonoco-Alcore S.a.r.l. operates six paper mills, 32 converting plants and a recycling division in Europe and is the largest producer of tubes, cores and coreboard on the continent.