South Carolina has more than 85 companies involved with paper recovery including commercial haulers and shredders as well as converters, processers and end users.

The state has four paper mills that employ about 2,500 people and recycle nearly 1 million tons of paper annually. Of that amount, more than 90 percent is recovered from Noth Carolina and South Carolina. The state's paper mills turn the recycled paper into linerboard, tubes and cores and other packaging material. In addition, South Carolina is home to other recycled paper product producers such as several paper converters and a molded fiber products company. 


Fast Facts

  • In 2012, the sustainable pulp and paper industry provided 12,963 jobs bringing in $1.1 million for South Carolina (Commerce)
  • The average revenue per ton for local governments in FY12 was $125 for cardboard, $160 for office paper, and $65 for mixed paper (DHEC)
  • Every ton of paper recycled saves more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space (AF&PA)